Cultural Program

Knowing the fact that clients /tourists need other enjoyments and traditional adventures a part from wild life adventures we had also established traditional programs for the clients like:

  1. Maasai dance, this is the program where Maasai come to the lodge and dance for the tourists.
  2. Walking safari surrounding the bush,this program is under lodge guide supervision where it covers all important traditional areas for clients
  3. Birds walk,some times we get other clients who are very interested in birds so this program covers all birds surrounding the lodge although through this you will not enjoy only birds but also animals available to the place.
  4. Major animals  found around the logde are giraffes, zebras, ostriches, impalas,elephant ,leopard and many more.
  5.  At the lodge location and scenery is allowing you to enjoy very important things (sunset) during evenings and mornings.





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